Friday, November 11, 2011

Digital Learning

Have just attended attended a thought provoking and at times very affirming networking day on digital learning The keynote address was provided by Professor Stephen Heppell, and educator with specialist areas in ICT, creating learning environments and a great teller of interesting anecdotes from his formidable track record of projects in Education and learning. I was introduced to Heppell's work last year through the director of emergent form Paul Houghton - thanks Paul - really enjoyed meeting Prof. Heppell today and realising that the meeting from late last year has completed its full circle and led to my participation in such an exciting forum on future education directions for schools in the form of today's Digital Learning day.
Heppell's website is comprehensive, inclusive and challenging and something to behold - plenty of student voices too. I also enjoyed a workshop presented by x-cite logic's Jenny Jongste on wiki's and blogs - very good link was provided that I just thought was practical and addresses some concerns teachers have about how to assess  digital learning! The wiki is called edorigami and is set up by New Zealander Andrew Churches - fabulous stuff here - gold! 

I will write more on the blog about the day and my reflections soon - meanwhile enjoy exploring the links!