Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flipped classroom concept and its link to 'flow' learning

I think this concept of 'flow' as described by C.Birk in Connected Principals web, has a lot of potential to work with the increasingly interesting 'flipped classroom' concept - the idea of students doing the content reading and exploration online, at home or in library centres on the www, then turning up to classrooms to engage in the practical content of trying out their hypothesis, inquiry learning, clarifying, testing and collaborating, sharing and engaging with others about what they have learned, found, read or viewed - suits the idea of flipping the learning in the classroom.

Face to face teaching is then reserved as important contact time with the students & teacher in the classroom.The students exploration of theories, philosophies and ideas is more self directed and exploratory over the websites and channels we have available online, including MOOCs, webinars, networks, etc and the work undertaken by students in the classroom, takes on greater imporantance through the shift in focus form content  lecturing to a more dynamic teaching approach.

Flipped learning privileges contact, discussion, experimentation and practical application of what has been in the past often content driven schooling experiences within classrooms. Traditionally students learning from textbooks, whiteboards and curriculum packages.It also encourages the kind of informed and self directed learning that allows the student to get into the state of "flow" as described by Csikszentmihalyi and examined by C.Birk  - Good stuff for educators and those interested in blending delivery using ICT.

from little things big things .....grow! 

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