Monday, September 26, 2011

New link from my latest MOOC - ing around

I have been finding that the easiest way to engage in the change # 2011 MOOC is to review latest blogs and any live meetings I might have missed due to time differences - so here is a link to an interesting blog, by Rliberni  that explores some great ideas around what are the new literacies that teachers need to consider when engaging students with technology. 

The video, provided by Sarah Fudin, identifies not just technology based operational skills but rather learner /user skills. The idea of identifying  new literacies that are applicable to teach our students in our schools give teachers a starting point from which to engage our students in co-developing a new curriculum to suit the world as it is now, a knowledge based economy. 

I thought these new literacies were immediately applicable for use in a highly connected world.

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