Tuesday, September 27, 2011

e - books and audio

ABC's Radio National programme The Book Show - had an interesting interview about e-books and the development of an audio tracks for e-reading on e-readers, tablets and PCs..... 

I liked the idea of reading and listening to a selected audio to enhance the experience ....but I began to wonder if it really would be an enhancing experience for the reader?
I began to feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of someone choosing what I would listen to as an accompanying audio track when I was e-reading .... what if their predetermined choice of music or audio effects were just not quite what I had in mind?
This sometimes happens to me when books are made into film texts and you find yourself trying to accept the miscasting of a character who just does not ring true to the way in which you envisaged them walking and talking!

It's all started to sound like listening to a film without any pictures and where is the fun in that? 

- and what if the book publishers which are owned by huge conglomerates that only provide particular musical experiences? which are based on white, middle-class, cultural norms?
Audio domination of my e-reading head space ....yikes! 

 Thanks to youtube.com/dalefilms for the spooky audio!

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