Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Info-graphics and visual text production

I came upon this interesting website that gathers infographic examples and has created a community of visual data images that are appealing and interesting and well suited to the graphics of most ICTs today.. if nothing else it is full of excellent examples of visual texts.

It got me thinking about how information is changing through the establishment of web-situated content and therefore how we locate, read and interpret that content is changing. This in turn changes how we teach and what our students expect from the texts they read/view.

Codes of visual language and the skills of layout, design, font and colour choice all have an effect on a  texts 'readability' The balancing of these aspects of visual text creation leads to an increased need to understand how we communicate visually through psychology & brain function and how the construction of on-line texts effect understanding and learning ....

Exciting times for teachers and students - me thinks! Perhaps this is a direction that curriculum content needs to head  - the need to develop visual & digital literacy skills has never been higher... along with social interaction, communication, negotiation, inquiry methods and much more. These are the core curriculum areas now...to quote a 15 year old student ..... "The need to know what Australia's main mineral export product is died for me the day my mobile phone learnt the answer"... hmmm well.. ...yes...


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